The Little Black Notebook

What is this Little Black Notebook?

The Little Black Notebook started with a moleskine.

The thought behind the little black notebook is to have it with you at all times so you can capture fleeting thoughts and ideas as they come to you. For me, this accomplishes a few things:

  1. It stops you from thinking “That is a great idea, I’ll totally remember that!” only to realize 4 hours later that the great idea is gone.
  2. It keeps your mind clear. Instead of trying to remember everything you have to do along with all those great ideas, you write them down relying on the notebook to keep track of those thoughts for you. This allows you to clearly focus on what you need to at that moment.
  3. It provides a reference. Something for you to go back to and remember what has gone on in the past.

What the Little Black Notebook Represents

The Little Black Notebook has evolved into a much less physical thing. The idea behind the Little Black Notebook remains the same but, now it represents the larger goal of accomplishing ideas. Here is what I mean:

When you write down your ideas, you make them a physical thing, you make them simpler & you provide yourself a reminder of what you want to do. Doing this makes it much easier to decide what is the next thing you need to do to make the idea a reality.

The Little Black Notebook is evolving into something that I deeply care and believe in and I hope to grow and expand the ideas and thoughts behind it. For now I’ll keep writing down everything I think of and making those ideas that I want to a reality.






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